Hey there, I'm Will, yup the Will of Will's Coin Cache. Thanks for taking some time to learn more about my family business. I consider myself a lucky guy. Not only did I get to turn my coin collecting hobby into a business, but I also get to work alongside my incredible bride everyday.

As a kid, I was a part of the coin club at my elementary school. What started as a kid with a hobby has turned into quite the operation! I remember sitting and sorting through a bag of wheat pennies when I came across a 1943 copper penny. Knowing there were only about 10 in existence, I excitedly brought my dad into the loop. We were told to put a magnet next to the penny, if nothing happened, I'd gotten my hands on a $100,000 coin! But if the penny stuck to the magnet, it was just a steel penny covered in copper. I could hardly breathe as I brought the magnet closer to my penny. As I felt the magnet begin to pull the coin, my heart sunk a little. At the same time, my excitement for coin collecting grew exponentially as I realized what a treasure hunt it could be!

When I graduated college, I realized I couldn't afford most of the coins I wanted to add to my collection. What was I to do? I began buying rolls of Jefferson nickels and searching for full-step nickels to resell. I made just enough money to keep growing my personal collection. About 10 years into the adventure, my daughter Rachael came along. Suddenly I had more expenses and less time, so coin collecting took a back seat for about 20 years.

Fast forward to 2011, and my wife had I had been buying and selling beanie babies and other collectibles for nearly 15 years. As we looked to expand the business and employ more people, I knew it was time to get back into the coin collecting world. Over the last 10 years, we've expanded into nearly all U.S. coins. The best part of returning to my old hobby is knowing that I get to be a part of supplying and inspiring the next generation of coin collectors!

When I'm not sorting through coins and filling orders, you'll find me out on the golf course, grilling in the back yard, or catching up with friends over a burger and some extra crispy fries.

Thank you for being here, for supporting my family business, and for allowing me to continue my lifelong passion by supplying you with the highest quality coins! Now that you know more about me hop over to The Store and snag a new item for your collection!

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